Thursday, March 20, 2014

My experience with the photo Essay

I am not having a very good experience with the photo essay. I cannot find enough pictures to take on this subject to make my argument. I am just at a standstill and feel lost now and I have no idea how I am going to make this project presentable by Tuesday. I can’t find pictures that have to do with gravity and some other key facts that would help my argument the only thing I have found is pictures in nature that show different elements that we need to survive and even though some of the pictures are kind of cool it seems like I'm repeating myself. At this point, I do not like this project at all. I wish mine could be as interesting as the one we saw in the textbook but sad to say I am sure it will be nowhere close. I picked a topic I really wanted to learn about and interested me but this project is not allowing me to approach it in the way I would like to. I feel limited when it comes to my media options. This project is not going to turn out very well for me. I would need more time to even come close to having a project that I would feel comfortable turning in. Because it has more researched based, it has some element of emotion but has most to do with logos and ethos. At first, I thought this project might be somewhat fun but it has not turned out that very at all. I would be happy if we could just start all over but that most likely will not happen. I feel many people in the class have good topics the problems just arise when and if they can get the pictures they need. I have no clue how to get the pictures i have tell a story because they are all saying the same thing. I have not been this frustrated with a project in a while.

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