Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Research Paper Design Plan and Topic Proposal
After doing, the photo essay I realize that I am not interested enough in exoplanets to do a whole paper on it. I do have a desire to know more about health related subjects so this paper I really want to focus on something that I have a passion for and that’s medicine mainly cancer. I know there are so many different types of cancers that it is hard to keep track of and though I know, we have made major improvements in treating patients. There are still some forms that do not have a very good prognosis and that are what I want to learn about. I have a basic knowledge of cancer which I think any person would know but I want to get an in depth knowledge of some types of brain cancers, melanoma, and pancreatic cancers. I know that many of these can be very lethal and I would love to see what new advances are being made to help patients with these forms.
            My strategy for this research paper is to find data on past treatments and present treatment that doctors are using to treat these forms of cancer and to find innovations or improvements that might be on the way in the near future. I want to find pictures of what each form of cancer looks like I also want to get graphs with survival rates comparing the survival rates of these forms of cancer verses other forms that have a better prognosis. I want the graphs to show that there is a big difference in survival when it comes to these types of cancers. I would also like to get some information and pictures of the type of tests and treatments that they administer to patients. The arrangement of the paper will be a series of pictures, graphs, and other statistics concerning these various forms of cancer. I will be producing this research paper in paper form and it will be uploaded to my blog.
            The argument that I hope to make is to give people hope. I want to find that there are advances being made to help cure these cancers or at least give patients a fighting chance. No person should ever have to experience being given a death sentence like the one my grandmother did. I want to figure out why these forms are so deadly and hard to treat and what is and can be done about it.
            I would imagine people would agree everywhere you go you will always find at least one person who has been touched and affected by cancer. I could not imagine anyone not thinking that this argument and research is not worth doing.
            The only thing I know about the topic is that these forms of cancer can be very hard to treat. In addition, some forms of these cancers can have a terrible prognosis from the start. Cancers are mutations in our body that happen over time some are worse and more inconspicuous then others that that can make them harder to find and treat. I know there is not a lot of information about brain cancer because the brain is such a sensitive structure and you cannot get in the brain many times to achieve that type of research. I know that melanoma if caught early has a good prognosis but if it metastasizes, those rates drop dramatically.
            I plan to conduct this research by speaking to a few oncologists and get a better idea on how they treat and approach these forms of cancers. I plan to get some information from the National Cancer Institute as well as some diagnostic journals. I want to make sure I can find sources that have the various stages and what changes in prognosis does metastasize present.
            After this research, I hope on getting more peace of mind when it comes to cancer. I hope to work in the field of oncology so I want to know all I can possibly find about the subject. The more I know the more I can help. I do not want people to ever have to experience losing a loved or being diagnosed with a disease like cancer. Since I know that day is far away I want to give as much hope to the ones that have to deal with it.